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Jan Marsh Diary of a Babyboomer (extract)


Holiday brochures land with thump on the doormat.  Discard the expensive and impossible (Vietman / Cambodia/ South America) immediately and even tempted to chuck the more modest ones.  Because who will I go with? Beyond a week in a caravan or Center Parcs (hate the spelling) with Pete, Maria and the girls.  Nice in its way at least most of the time.  But my options are limited.

1. Go away in my own. Tried it and found it depressing. Most other travellers (couples usually) friendly but did feel, like Billy No Mates.  Other single travellers seemed either sad or odd which is how they must have seen me. Tried to feel liberated  and empowered but there was no one there to have a giggle with as we got ready for dinner, no one to moan to when you can’t get your hair right.  Oh, OK, Newquay in February wasn’t the most inspiring choice for first attempt at going solo, but when you find yourself looking forward to the after dinner bingo session, it’s not a good sign.

2. Go with another single girlfriend.  Sara would want to shop endlessly.  Jo keeps a very close eye on her budget and we’d have to do everything budget and Mel is far too energetic and would want to be on the go relentlessly.

3. Go with Richie. OK, so who goes on holiday with an ex? But at least we’d like doing a lot of the same things – a bit of walking, pottering, museums, galleries, eating, drinking.  And we had some good holidays back in the day.  Provence ’69.Florence’71.  But Richie’s broke as usual.  Don’t quite know what he does with his money but at least it doesn’t impact on me anymore.

4. Recycle the brochures.  Unlikely to be needing them.  Feel smug when I think of how much I’ll save.