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Jan Marsh

The Foxwood Series, written by Jan Marsh, chronicles the lives of a group of friends who agree to live together in a large communal residence near the Welsh borders.

The first book of the series, Living Space, was published by Coleridge Press in February 2014 and has received very favourable reviews on Amazon and critical acclaim.

The second book in the series Foxwood - Another Year is now on Amazon and continues with the lives of the Foxwood residemts

The Foxwood Series

Follow this link to read Chapter 1 of the second in the series: Foxwood - Another Year

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I’ve started to write a fictional diary (I keep one in the real world too). I’ve always liked them- Diary of a Nobody, Diary of a   Provincial Lady etc.  Mine is supposedly written by a Babyboomer called Stella and is based very loosely on me and my life.

I’m not optimistic enough to think as Mae West did that if you keep a diary, one day it’ll keep you, certainly not at this stage of my life, but it’s giving me the opportunity to explore issues that interest me and to develop the humour in my writing.  There’s some crossover with the blog- but as they say in W1A, ‘that’s all good.’ I’m hoping to publish in September, after which I’ll be going back to Foxwood for Volume 3 of The Foxwood Saga.  

If you want to take a   sneak peek at the Diary, you can read an excerpt here: DIARY OF A BABYBOOMER

Jan says, “I've loved creating the Foxwood characters who have become alarmingly real to me for the last couple of years. I have left the ending Book 2 open so that I can return to the characters and Foxwood itself at some later date.